The Logistics Point December ’23

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Page 6 The Logistics Point’s Urban Logistics & Last mile Event: Find out what happened

Page 28 From Vision to Reality: How Innovation Is Reshaping the Logistics Sector

Page 32 Future-Forward Logistics: Embracing Electric Cargobikes for Urban Last-Mile Transport

Page 34 Evolving EV Landscape: Unpacking Charging Challenges Across UK, USA, and EU

Page 37 AI in Logistics: Are we ready to take advantage of it?

Page 42 Alternative Fuels: Where Are We At Now

Page 45 Addressing the Driver Shortage in the UK’s Logistics Industry

Page 47 How Retailers Struggle with Returns & Navigating Consumers’ Wishes

Page 49 Do we need to find a more sustainable future for online shopping?

Page 52 USA’s Peak Season: Perceived Uncertainty Can Cause Problems

Page 54 Logistics Reacts to the autumn statement

Page 57 Why Uncertainty Is Not As Valued As It Should Be?

Page 59 In 2024, Technology Will Further Separate the Manufacturing Leaders from the Laggards

Page 62 Shifting Consumer Behaviour and Geopolitical Uncertainties: Reshaping Supply Chains and Manufacturing Trends