The Logistics Point March ’24

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Welcome to the latest edition:

Editor’s Note

The UK has entered an election year and this was clearly reflected in the recently announced Spring Budget. But as all across the globe logistics companies are gearing up to deliver on their sustainability initiatives, the budget missed the point.

In this edition we explore how UK’s logistics sector perceived the budget and why it thinks that it did not deliver on the biggest challenge of our generation.

Sustainability is a topic throughout the issue. We also take a look at how the industry will create and use energy and fuel in the near future. Moreover, we also dive into the world of social responsibility and the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

ESG Barriers in Logistics

We are also thrilled to announce our first speakers for our Delivering Green: Breaking ESG in Logistics in London on the 22nd May.

Edward Jones, at Logistics UK, will dive into the complexities of this transition, exploring the vital role of political consistency and the power of first movers in driving industry change. Through interactive discussions and real-world case studies, he’ll uncover the industry’s acceptance of the need for change and the hurdles it faces in generating long-term business plans amidst uncertainty.

Fiona Coull from Cross River Partnership will explore the range of work Cross River Partnership do and how it impacts the overall profitability or logistics and connects together with the benefit for the environment.

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