Net Zero Detours: Exploring UK’s Delayed Ban and Logistics Net Zero Commitment

The transport sector accounts for more than a third (34%) of Britain’s total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This has put it in the forefront of the NetZero targets and organisations of all sizes are rushing to prove which one is the most environmentally friendly. The recent announcement by the PM Rishi Sunak that the ban […]

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NetZero Logistics Requires Special Skills. Do We Have Enough?

Recently an independent NetZero review was published, looking at how the UK can reach its goals. Logistics is taking a central role in the review and there are many recommendations for both businesses and the government.We spoke to Deputy Director of Policy at Logistics UK, Michelle Gardner about what the review delivers and what is […]

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UK Logistics Needs More Clarity on Net Zero

There is an urgent need to decarbonise the logistics industry but further government clarity on the route to net zero is required immediately to ensure businesses have the confidence and certainty needed to invest in low emission solutions, according to Logistics UK. The business group launches its report, Decarbonising Logistics: The journey to net zero […]

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