The Logistics Point February 2023

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In this edition:

Page 6: VIDEO The Power of Retail Tech

Russell Holmes, Business Development Manager at AutoStore UK & Ireland

Page 9: Micro-hubs Add A Layer of Operational Stability

Max Wilson, Founder of SpokeSafe

Page 15: Logistics moves away from large hubs. Welcoming the Urban Centre

Simon Rispin, Director at SMR Architects

Page 18: VIDEO Omnichannel’s Two Faces: Consumers’ Satisfaction VS Operational Efficiency

Will Lovatt, General Manager VP at Deposco Europe

Page 21: How to Get Financial Support for Clean Air Zones Compliance

By Backhouse Jones Solicitors

Page 24: VIDEO QR Codes Revolutionise Routing & Tracking

Sam Titus, CTO at FreightPrint

Page 27: VIDEO Innovation Is Embracing Risk To Support Growth

Chris Jones from Descartes Systems Group

Page 33: Events’ Calendar: Online & In-person Networking to Celebrate Logistics

What is happening this year and what not to miss

Page 35: NetZero Logistics Requires Special Skills. Do We Have Enough?

Deputy Director of Policy at Logistics UK, Michelle Gardner

Page 39: Drivers’ Welfare is about everyone’s safety and comfort. How serious are you?

Mark Garner, Managing Director at SNAP

Page 42: Fines For Clandestine Entrants Can Be Avoided. Here Is How

Backhouse Jones Solicitors shares some insights

Page 44: Extended Producer Responsibility is Our ‘Green Shot’

By Andrew McCaffery, Global EPR Director

Page 47: Collaborate To Unlish Maritime Digital Potential

Sarah Barrett, Product Insights, Wärtsilä 

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