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Car sharing offers a hassle free alternative to ownership.

During the last decade “Мobility as a Service” has expanded so rapidly that today it is virtually impossible to go to a large city in Europe without encountering cars, bicycles, and scooters for share. Behind that rapid increase is the need to find a more sustainable way of transport that complements the existing infrastructure and assets.

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Sharing benefits

Getaround, an American based car sharing company, has just entered the European market by acquiring the French Drivy. Drivy has been in the business for around ten years and has developed a well-built network in six European countries – France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium and most recently the UK. Getaround comes in Europe with the idea of expanding its market and proving that its model can work. The company doesn’t own any of the cars that are listed on its app and Katy Medlock, head of Getaround UK, believes this is the way to transform the mobility industry.



Katy Medlock is passionate about the car sharing industry and believes this is the future of cars.

As head of Getaround UK Medlock thinks that the market will only expand and that competition in the area will drive innovation. She hopes cities around the UK will show more support for the industry.Katy Medlock talks passionately about the industry and how it can transform people’s lives and cities. ‘I just thought it made so much sense and I loved it. It is taking an asset that is sitting there for 96% of the time and finding someone who doesn’t need to own that asset themself but wants to be able to use it,’ Medlock says. Personally she does not own a car and uses Getaround whenever needed. Most of the time, however, she either cycles or takes public transport. ‘Why would I want to own a car with all the hassle?’ asks Medlock.

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