Driverless lorries begin deliveries in Sweden

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Driverless electric lorries will begin deliveries in Sweden. The lorry is called T-pod and weights 26 tones fully loaded. It will deliver goods between buildings in an industrial area.

The vehicle is controlled by a remote operator. It can travel only up to 3m/h as Swedish authorities have imposed strict rules on the way it works. The pod will deliver goods for DB Schenker but the company behind it is in talks to use it for Lidl and the Swedish company Svenska Retursystem.

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The vehicle has a radar. “Time-tested and rugged, radar sensors emit an electromagnetic pulse which reflects off objects and return to the receiver, giving information about the object’s location and speed, much like a bat’s use of sound waves to navigate in the dark,” says Einride, the company that has produced it. Cameras that are sensitive to colour and contrast read road markings.

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The top speed of the T-pod is 85km/h and it can be loaded with up to 15 euro pallets.The battery capacity is 200kWh and the vehicle can go 200 km with one charge.

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