Fourth time lucky for Brexit or fifth, or sixth….

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Brexit is like blindfolded players playing tennis and thinking it is actually cricket.

Last week in Westminster brought a new dose of nothing. Parliament was supposed to find a way out of the Brexit deadlock but ended up voting down every possible solution. True, there were some near misses like the idea of a customs union between the EU and the UK, but near is still too far away from a hit.

Trying to explain what is happening with Brexit has become such a complicated task that requires special skills including looking into the future through a crystal ball. Even after having her deal rejected three times Theresa May, the PM, still keeps hope alive. She promised to resign if MPs vote for her deal. An act of selflessness, one could say. The truth is this promise does nothing to solve the crisis we have found ourselves in.

It has become clear that Brexit will dominate British life for years to come and that the country needs some sort of continuity. If and when May resigns continuity will be thrown back to square one. A new PM will mean new team, new rules, new everything. Whatever has been achieved (some things have actually been done) so far, will be thrown down the drain. And it seems MPs from every side of the Commons support that. Brexit promised to take back control. Instead what it has done with control is pass it like a tennis ball between blindfolded players who thought they were playing cricket.

Theresa May marketed her resignation promise as a Holly Grail where it is a Devine Refusal of any responsibility. What it says is: ‘I’ve done this. It’s bad but meh… not my problem anymore.’ Next thing she will be drinking coffee with David Cameron and giving advice to the next PM on how to do it better.

All of this has nothing to do with whether Brexit is good or bad. Everyone has some valid arguments and they have the right to work on them. It is about a scary trend taking up shape. Every time the PM does something that throws the country into a mess, they just step down and retreat to the nearest quirky coffee shop to enjoy.

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