Too much software slows Crossrail down

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The main issue with Crossrail, the London rail project that has been delayed to at least 2020, is that there are too many software systems that need to be integrated. The systems are very advanced and the task to bring them all together is not an easy one.

“It is about how you bring the train, the door, and the signalling system all in synchronism,’ explains Mark Wild, Chief Executive. He adds that he can guarantee that things under his control will be finished on time. The standards of safety are very high and no errors are allowed. This means, however, that the team needs extra time to ensure everything is done by the book.

The reason why Wild is sure the project will be delivered this time is because ‘this is the first time we have an integrated schedule’ that brings all activities together. He continues to say that the failure to finish Crossrail on time is a concern for other future infrastructure projects in London and in the UK.

The station that is nearest completion is Tottenham Court Road. No matter how impressive and grant the station is no passenger will be using it until October 2020 at the earliest.

The worst case scenario is for the rail to open in March 2021.

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