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Transland Ltd provides quality logistics services on international and domestic routes.

General Information:


Founded in 1999

Head Office: Sofia, Bulgaria, EU

Offices in: Plovdiv, Varna, and Bourgas


tel.: +359 2 958 35 40; +359 2 958 35 45;



Transland Ltd offers complete set of logistics services that include international railway, container, and multimodal groupage services, full load road transport and domestic transport, as well as warehousing and distribution of consignments within Bulgaria, bank guarantees and cargo insurance. Transland Ltd is a licensed customs agent. The up-to-date information of the cargo is provided by state-of-the-art information technologies and custom-made data processing software product.

Transland Ltd. has signed direct contracts with Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ EAD), Yugoslavian Railways, Macedonian Railways, ferryboat and shipping lines, agents and carriers. The company is the largest forwarding partner of BDZ EAD.

Transland Ltd has its own representatives and agents at our clients’ disposal working in large Bulgarian towns and in major ports on the river Danube, and at the strategic Black Sea ports of Varna and Bourgas.

Main Activities:

Road Transport (full load)

· Scheduled full-load transportation lines to/from CIS Republics, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Greece, Western and Central Europe, Near and Middle East countries;

· Transport with refrigerated trucks, tilt trailers, high capacity and box vehicles;

· Hanging garments transport services;

· Hazardous goods transport;

· Domestic transport;

Groupage Cargo Services

· Part load and groupage consignments throughout Europe;

· Scheduled weekly services to/from Central and Western Europe, and the Balkan countries – 3-4 trucks per week;

· Hanging garments transport services;

· Door-to-door service;

· Domestic transport;

Air & Sea Freight

· Multimodal transport;

· FCL and LCL (groupage) worldwide containers;

· Charter of small to heavy size shipment;

· Break-bulk shipment;

· Gateway transport;

· Delivery of chemicals and foods in reefers and tank containers;

· Pick&Pack service;

· Project shipment;

· Express delivery;

Rail Freight

· Combined transport to/from Central and Western Europe, Eastern Europe, CIS Republics, Scandinavian countries, Near and Middle East countries;

· Transport of oversized and heavy-weight loads, food, chemicals, and fuels;

· Co-operation by renting tank-wagons and wagons with special construction;

· Information on the wagons’ location;

· Domestic transport;

Current Offer

Transland Ltd currently offers a modern logistics facility at a key location in Sofia, Bulgaria with 775 pallet spaces.

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