The Battle for Ethical Fashion Retail

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Customers expect products that are safe, sustainable and responsibly sourced and fashion retailers are trying to find the best way to respond to these new challenges. ‘Businesses should focus on three key areas. Those three areas are People, Planet and Profit. And the third one is always a bit contentious,’ says Peter Needle, Founder and President of Segura Systems, in an interview for The Logistics Point.

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For the industry, which Segura deals in – fashion and textiles, supply chains can be many layers and very complicated. A small client of Segura may have 500 Tier one suppliers of garments. And that’s just the start of it, because then they’ve got 15, 20, or 30 suppliers of components and assets that they need to order from in order to make garments. Then those suppliers usually have a fairly sizable number too. So before you know it, you can go from 500 to 5000 suppliers in a supply chain, and the difficulty of that is uncovering who’s supplying whom.

Segura has teamed up with the fashion online retailer River Island. Segura will support River Island in the delivery of their commitment with its simple-to-use, cost effective SaaS solution, providing the ability to manage and track orders giving suppliers fewer opportunities to use unwanted third parties, or factories in lower tiers that may be sub-standard, mitigating risks and ensuring transparency. Jose Arguedas, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at River Island commented: “Segura provides us with a complete solution, incorporating all of our supply chain management and transparency requirements, with the ability for us to expand the remit as our business needs develop.

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