Free Webinars to Help Business Owners with Covid-19


Indika Wanigaratne, Business Coach and Mentor, and The Logistics Point are teaming up to offer free webinars to help SMEs deal with the coronavirus crisis.

Business planning has always been hard work but with the recent developments companies are left in the unknown more than ever. While large organisations have more abilities to cushion down the negative effects from Covid-19, SMEs are struggling to find the right path.

Indika Wanigaratne, Business Coach and Mentor, says many companies he speaks to on a daily basis are looking for answers.

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Wednesday, 8th April – HERE

Thursday, 9th April – HERE

‘A lot of business owners I talk to are concerned about what’s going to happen to their business, their staff and their families due to the pandemic, especially following the new measures announced,’ Wanigaratne explains. He believes that for SMEs now is the time to think clearly and try to plan ahead as change has been forced onto them by external factors.

Robust planning

‘Most companies tend to focus, naturally, on the problem at hand,’ Wanigaratne continues, ‘but we also need to look at what business opportunities there might be.’ Due to the current lockdown many businesses have been asked to close for indefinite time, but without the right support and plan, this could lead to many of them closing down forever. According to Wanigaratne firms are still confused about what the government is offering and how they could receive help.

‘If you go to your bank with a plan, then you are more likely to receive the help,’ he says.

But how can small and medium size firms, who do not have the budget or the expertise to get a plan in time, like this?

Wanigaratne wants to provide the answer in free webinars tailored for SMEs who are struggling to find their way through the coronavirus crisis. The webinars will cover Cashflow and what financial measures to take; Communication with customers, team and suppliers; Government help available for businesses; Staffing – managing your team remotely; Time management; and more.

‘I’m just looking to help business owners to get some clarity, reduce their stress, and take some focused action to get through this challenging time,’ Wanigaratne.

FREE Tickets:

Wednesday, 8th April – HERE

Thursday, 9th April – HERE

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