Logistics and Data – The Big Unknown

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Data in logistics is everywhere but that doesn’t make it easier for companies to access it and analyse it. Many logistics providers struggle when it comes to IT infrastructure and words like Big Data and AI (Artificial intelligence) could sound scary to managers.

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As the industry transforms and adapts to the need for more digitalisation, it will also need to learn how to operate with technologies that provide more visibility and operability.

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‘Many logistics companies struggle with last mile deliveries and the data they collect,’ says Niko Polvinen, COO & Co-founder, Logmore, IT startup providing monitoring tools for different industries. ‘In recent years it is important to follow the full journey of a delivery, including order receivings.’

Data in storage
To be competitive logistics organisations will need to build a good pool of data they can base operations on….

How can you improve your operations by using data? Why companies struggle and what are the best tips to succeed?

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Niko Polvinen is Logmore’s COO & Co-founder. He is responsible for the sales and business development regarding all the data logging services Logmore offers. Polvinen has experience in multiple companies where he held positions in marketing and sales. He is passionate about helping businesses reduce wastage throughout their supply chains and this has led to co-founding the startup.

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