Fleet activity recovering quickly from Covid-19

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Webfleet Solutions and Geotab launched a new dashboard that analyses data from more than 3 million connected vehicles around the world to help visualise the impact of COVID-19 on commercial vehicle activity. Beverley Wise, Sales Director UK at Webfleet Solutions, and David Savage, Regional Manager UK at Geotab, spoke to The Logistics Point about the dashboard. Construction activity is similarly high in most

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What key trends are presented by the dashboard?

Webfleet Solutions (Beverley Wise, Sales Director UK): On the whole, the dashboard has reported positive trends regarding how fleet activity is recovering across Europe and North America. Since we launched on 27 May, we’ve seen steady week-on-week growth in all countries – given the severity of the pandemic, it has been a remarkable effort from the global supply chain and fleet kicked in, delivery stop times began to industry.

Canada and Germany, for instance, had both returned to pre-COVID-19 baseline activity levels (or even higher) by June, while France, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland and the USA are all above 90%. Spain and the UK are now at 75% and 71% respectively, though they have also trended regions, with the lowest regional rates of activity in the mid-80s (Spain, UK and Italy). countries, though does drop below 80% in one country – the UK at 75%.

The dashboard has also brought some additional learnings and causes of optimism. Take contact-free delivery, as one example. ‘Delivery time’ data in the UK seemed fairly unchanged, in the first half of March.

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However, just as ‘lockdown’ measures upwards since the launch of the dashboard. Reduce significantly, as many businesses made the switch to delivering products with no-contact. The data suggests there is a huge opportunity for last-mile delivery.

Geotab (David Savage, Regional Manager UK):

Across the three industries we are tracking, similarly positive trends play out though not all industries are recovering at quite the same pace. Freight transportation is at above 100% of activity in several services to adopt this strategy in the long term, to save time and boost productivity.

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