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The world is heading into a deep recession and everyone is expecting a large number of redundancies. However, the logistics sector should consider its approach towards employees, what benefits it offers, how it builds trust and promotes wellbeing.

Ruth Edwards, Business Development Director at Talent in Logistics, talks about the future of recruitment.

Fleet activity recovering quickly from Covid-19

‘In some areas we have seen unprecedented peaks – like a months’ worth of Black Fridays have all come at once. In other areas we have seen dramatic falls with hauliers closing down, and many workers furloughed or made redundant,’ begins Edwards. Talent in Logistics has itself seen a significant drop in the number of job ads on its website in the past few weeks.

When the lockdown was first put in place, there were numerous enquiries for people requiring key worker roles and training professionals to help upskill their workforce, but these enquiries have now dried up.

How is logistics recruitment reshaping and what is the importance of mental health? Read the full story HERE

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