Modular approach to software breaks down barriers

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Not so long ago implementing a digital solution in the supply chain was expensive, time consuming and often meant firms had to do a complete overhaul of their operations. With the development of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms this is no longer the case. Today companies can easily choose a solution but there are many challenges that remain.

Katherina Lacey, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Quincus, spoke to The Logistics Point about the importance of tailoring digital solutions, and finding the right way to implement one in each part of the supply chain.

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Our conversation begins with why it is important to have modular solutions that allow logistics service providers to fit technology around their personal needs. ‘A module could be anything from dispatch management to shipment management,’ Lacey continues.

‘A modular approach allows more flexibility. It is not just about being able to customise everything but also to have a system that is open enough, and allows you to connect it to what you already have in place.’


Good SaaS doesn’t need to start from scratch, and it can incorporate what is already in place. When Lacey co-founded Quincus, she and her co-founder Jonathan Savoir were looking to create a way to complement existing programs that often cost millions of dollars. Additionally, when implementing a new digital solution, firms should be aware that it has to be able to talk to what is already in place. ‘Many of the companies we work with have too many vendors,’ Lacey says. ‘A lot of them are not sharing data with one another. Others still have very manual processes that are not configurable.’

How can a step-by-step approach help supply chain managers implement a successful digital solution? You can read the full story on Quincus HERE…

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