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As the world slowly starts to return to become more familiar, with the non-essential shops opening, us being able to socialise a bit more and seeing our families and the dream of having a pie and a pint almost within grasp, it seems like a good opportunity to look both back and forward.

The beginning of lockdown (it seems like an age ago!)

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Of course, we weren’t prepared – no-one was! The first week or so of lockdown was spent trying to figure out how to respond to the requirements of social distancing and the Covid-19 pandemic requirements such as colleague shielding, having the right PPE, increased hygiene and ensuring employee well-being etc. This was whilst we balanced an increase in goods flowing through our network. In fact, the volume growth, (currently 30%+ on the same period in 2019), wasn’t expected and it did surprise us initially.

In addition to our usual volume flows we had an abundance of white goods, (fridges/freezers), as consumers acquired capacity for panic bought food. This was closely followed by huge amounts, (and I mean huge amounts) of exercise equipment as gyms were closed. As more and more people started to work from home we saw an increase in home office furniture being bought and then of course stuff to keep kids occupied in the garden! In recent weeks with the good weather, consumers have continued to invest in their gardens with new furniture as I suspect very few are going on holiday.

We had to adapt

We have probably changed, altered and amended an awful lot of our processes. Where possible people have worked from home but staying in touch via Zoom and other platforms. On the frontline, we practice social distancing, no contact deliveries which we have communicated.

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