Do the deal, logistics warns on Brexit

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Logistics UK is urging the UK government to reach an agreement with the EU before the end of the year. ‘200,000 businesses need to know what they have to do and have the correct documents by the end of the year,’ Elizabeth de Jong, Policy director at Logistics UK says for the latest edition of The Logistics Point magazine. According to the business group, the industry needs more detail on all proposals, and working through this detail will be a prime area of focus over the next few months.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Plan for Jobs is promising a lot for the UK’s economy

according to Logistics UK, the leading business group in the sector (formerly known as FTA).

According to de Jong, businesses are hopeful the plan will provide a much needed boost after the few months of uncertainty and lockdown and, while it is unlikely that any scheme will serve as a magical pill, de Jong believes there is some good news for the logistics sector and the wider economy.

Read what the logistics industry thinks about the UK’s government plan to help jobs and support the economy after Covid HERE…

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