Top technology supply chain trends in 2020

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Gartner analysts have selected strategic supply chain technology trends that have a high potential for positive impact on people, performance and industries. Some are now reaching critical tipping points in capability and maturity.

“The vast majority of organizations have a cautious approach to adopting supply chain applications and technologies,” said Christian Titze, vice president analyst with the Gartner Supply Chain Practice. “Only 21% are willing to consider, and often adopt, early-stage technologies.

The top supply chain technology trends in 2020 are:


Hyperautomation is a framework to mix and match a vast array of technologies in the best possible way – such as historic legacy platforms with recently deployed tools and planned investments. The term means different things for different firms, so supply chain leaders must first find their individual definition. It encourages broader collaboration across domains and act as an integrator for disparate and siloed functions.

Digital Supply Chain Twin (DSCT)

A DSCT is a digital representation of the physical supply chain. It is derived from all relevant data across the supply chain and its operations. That makes it the basis for all local and end-to-end decision making. DSCTs are part of the digital theme that describes an ever-increasing merger of the digital and physical. Linking both enhances situational awareness and supports decision-making.

Continuous Intelligence (CI)

CI is one of the biggest opportunities for supply chain leaders to accelerate their organizations’ digital transformation. It leverages a computer’s ability to process data at a much faster pace than people. Leaders can look at the processed data in near real-time, understand what is happening and take actions. Retailers utilize CI to automatically react to customer behaviors online for better customer service, more customer satisfaction and tailored offers that lead to higher sales revenue.

Supply Chain Governance and Security

This is an increasingly important macro trend, as global risk events are on the rise ….

The full list of the top technologies for the supply chain in 2020 read HERE….

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