Key reasons shippers don’t go green

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By Eszter Toth-Weedon, Senior Partnership Manager, Smart Freight Centre

The number of multinationals joining sustainability initiatives is skyrocketing, almost every day you can read about new climate commitments of multinationals. But even with this increased engagement, most shippers still do not want to take responsibility for their freight emissions.

So, what is holding back most of the shippers from taking responsibility for their freight emissions? Here are some of the factors:

The task seems too great: most multinational shippers have a huge list of logistics service providers and carriers. It is not easy to reach out to all of them. The answer is to start small, discuss issues and possibilities with some of your leading providers. Hear them out. Start with one region or a country where there is more experience or openness for collaboration.

Old-fashioned buyer-supplier relations: restrictive business relationships often means that contract negotiations are grueling and in which sustainability will be a tick-list item rather than a genuine selling point or area of substantive change.

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