The Logistics Point January 2021


We are already into 2021 and, of course, the “talk of the town” is about Brexit – we have interviews with Gartner and Logistics UK on that topic but we have some other really exciting articles as well:

  • The results of our end of year survey – the 2021 challenges seen by our readers
  • Digital shipping documents – how this can happen?
  • eCommerce – how are consumer attitudes shaping the industry?
  • Electric vehicles – solving the charging problem
  • AI – how can we use it to maximise supply chain value?
  • Route optimisation – hugely complicated but one with a significant impact on finances
  • Carbon offsetting – 21% of all emissions are from freight, how to reduce its impact
  • Packaging – how can this increase safety and reliability?
  • Robots – always a cool topic but Robots as a Service? Find out more!

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