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Join Logmore, GEP, NewMotion, Dronamics, Etrac Technologies and Smart Freight Centre on 11th May 2021 at 10am BST for this sustainability conference organised by The Logistics Point. Register now!

Meet the speakers and find out more about our partners and sponsors!


Niko Polvinen, CEO and Co-founder, Logmore:

Niko is a young business mind with great software know-how. Niko sees business and technology as a pair: business requires new technologies and technology requires business intelligence to break through. As the CEO and co-founder of Logmore, he is dedicated to making the world’s supply chains more transparent. Niko will deliver the keynote session!

Emily Henderson, Marketing Manager, Etrac Technologies:

Emily Henderson is the Marketing Manager at eTrac Technologies, a complete supply chain visibility solution. She graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2014 and has since leveraged her knowledge to grow in positions as a marketing professional. Learning and in turn teaching others about the final mile and logistics through webinars, content, and events is her favourite part of her role.

Alan McCleave, Regional Manager UK & Nordics, NewMotion

Alan has worked within the vehicle fleet world for over 20 years. Most recently he has been active within the energy sector working on promoting electric vehicle driving and currently electric vehicle charging.

Luke BuchholtzLogistics Director, HDR

Luke leads the company’s global logistics initiative and head up the new HDR Logistics Practice focussing on the North American Logistics market.

Svilen Rangelov, CEO & Co-Founder, Dronamics

In 2014 Svilen co-founded DRONAMICS with his brother Konstantin, a Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe innovator and aerospace engineer, with a mission to leverage advances in autonomy, aerodynamics and production, in order to democratize air freight and accelerate e-commerce in emerging markets.

We will announce more speakers very shortly from GEP Worldwide, Smart Freight Centre Register here!


Premium Sponsor

Logmore makes the world smarter, one measurement at a time. With our clear, fast and secure data logging service, we are making big data and IoT a reality.

Silver Sponsors

GEP is a leading provider of innovative supply chain software. A global supply chain and operations consulting powerhouse. A best-of-breed provider of managed procurement and supply chain services.

Silver Sponsors

NewMotion designs, builds, and supports smart charging solutions for business charging, home charging and charging on-the-go. Its award-winning services include charge points and a mobile app and charge card, that provide access to 200,000 charge points in over 35 countries – the largest charging network of Europe.


eTrac Technologies is a complete supply chain visibility solution.

Dronamics develops a new type of cargo airplane – small, unmanned and extremely fuel efficient. It can transport 350 KG over 2,500 KM for a cost that’s 50%+ lower than other airplanes. It flies autonomously, can be monitored and managed remotely via satellite, and the whole system costs less than a sports car.

Smart Freight Centre (SFC) was established in 2013 as a global non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable freight. Its mission is to bring together the global logistics community through our Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) to work towards this vision.

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