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‘It is hard to reach the sustainability goals, especially in the final mile, as it can be the most expensive and wasteful part of the logistics process,’ said Emily Henderson, Marketing Manager at Etrac Technologies, during her presentation at ‘Delivering Green: Creating Sustainable Supply Chains’ Conference, organised by The Logistics Point.

Nearly 80% of all greenhouse emissions companies generated have come from their supply chains and as 90% of customers are looking into the data, provided by the carrier, visibility is becoming a crucial factor for success. Sustainability depends on how much information there is and how easy it is to get, process it and act upon it.

According to Henderson shippers should ask more out of their carriers who provide the final mile service. ‘You are providing an adequate business volume and you should have a say on how your final mile operations work,’ she continued.

Smaller carriers could be a better choice for some shippers as they are dependent on each customer and would go extra in order to satisfy the demand of the shipper.


Carriers who are focused on a particular area can provide better efficiency as they have a better visibility and more details. Such an approach is a way for organisations to reach their sustainability goals on a more micro level.

Henderson also picked on the importance of shipper-carrier relationship.

She advised everyone to speak freely with their providers and ask crucial questions to find out what are the ways emissions can be offset. The reason being that carriers are those who know the area they operate best and can provide valuable information on the best ways to execute a delivery.

Technology has improved a lot during the last decade and it is now capable of providing better insights and improving visibility. For Henderson this means shippers should look at ways to incorporate new technologies in their processes and partner with carriers who can provide them.

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