Cargo bikes and edge-of-city centres

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‘Cargo bikes and edge-of-city-centre consolidation hubs allow us to consolidate deliveries and provide an urban logistics service that is more efficient,’ begins one of Zedify’s co-founders, Sam Keam.

Keam is joining the speakers at the Last Mile Month webinars, organised by The Logistics Point and starting on the 5th October at 10am. Keam will share insights on how Zedify delivers orders around the UK on the 12th October. You can add the date to your calendar here!

Due to its business model Zedify doesn’t directly compete with large couriers and looks at how it can provide additional value. ‘Customers aren’t paying because it is green,’ Keam explains. The added value is in being able to book predefined two-hour slots, enhanced customer service and much better doorstep experience at delivery.

Efficiency is built by consolidating freight and then designing routes that will bring the cost per delivery down. As the network and volumes grow the company is able to add on more savings.

You can register for all the webinars for free and find more about the other speakers here!

The event will have 4 webinars with different aspects of the last mile Warehousing (5th October – add to calendar); Fulfilment (12th October – add to calendar); Technology (19th October – add to calendar) and Sustainability (26th October – add to calendar).

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