Multi-storey warehousing could enable urban logistics

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Urban centres have become deserted due to the pandemic and many are finding it hard to get back to the way things were. According to Paul Needler, Partner at Arcadis UK, multi-storey warehousing might solve some of these problems. Such facilities would be best suited for former retail parks, for example, that already have the infrastructure. Existing assets can be repurposed, but new builds can take into account various factors to determine whether going up is better. That would mean that closed stores could come back to life again. 

Needler is joining a group of last mile warehousing experts this October 5th to talk about how urban warehousing can help local communities and final mile deliveries. You can add the event to your calendar here for free!

Watch a video interview with Paul Needler below and if you can’t make it but still want to watch the recordings register here!

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