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‘It seems that every single event we are experiencing today is becoming a Black Swan event,’ says Erik Lund, Head of Tracking Division, Visilion. During his interview with The Logistics Point, we spoke about technology trends that are reshaping the supply chain, how companies are responding, what role Sony has in the supply chain industry and what to expect from advances in technology.

It is not surprising that there is growing interest in implementing technology in the supply chain. During the past couple years, supply chains have experienced their fair share of crises. Organisations are trying to understand what needs to be done and have come to realise the advantages of having more data and visibility. ‘Predictability, based on pattern understanding, is something we are working on,’ explains Erik. According to him, deep learning, AI and IoT will only become more important as companies look for ways to better map their supply chains with data. 


Technology costs are expected to decrease with mass adoption. However, due to the current supply chain shortages, many components used in the production of tracking devices are expensive. As a result, Erik does not think we will see a drop in prices anytime soon. At the same time, many companies are still trying to properly implement new technologies and realise their full potential. He believes there has been a general acceptance that technology should be incorporated into the supply chain, but that we still don’t fully understand how. 

While certain industries like pharmaceuticals and electronics have been leading the digitalisation of the supply chain, Sony is experiencing increased interest in their visibility solution Visilion from unlikely supply chain players. Companies and industry segments that were previously more sceptical are embracing the idea of high-tech logistics. In addition, supply chain officers are finally getting the attention they deserve, and managers are actively seeking ways to improve processes and increase visibility.

Why Sony 

In our conversation we also discuss the reasons Sony  provides supply chain technology. Erik refers to the company’s long history with telecommunication and communication technology, which he sees as a strong asset in increasing visibility and creating connected supply chains. 

Watch the full video interview with Erik to learn more about how to manage critical events in the supply chain with help from real-time tracking solutions like Visilion. 

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