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Warehousing has changed forever. It is expected that soon storage and distribution facilities will accommodate more robots than people. Would that be the case? For some of the speakers at our second Micro-fulfilment & Warehousing Conference the answer is positive. Join us on the 8th March and learn more about micro-fulfilment, dark stores, automation and more. Register here for free!

Now, we would like to introduce the speakers and guests at the event. 62% of all attendees are Senior Managers in the field of logistics and supply chain, retail, warehousing, last mile.

Dr Banu Y. Ekren

Banu Yetkin Ekren is a Senior Lecturer of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  Previously, Dr Ekren worked as Associate Professor at Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey.  She completed her PhD at University of Louisville, KY, USA, in the Department of Industrial Engineering and the recipient of the best PhD dissertation award when she graduated in 2009.  Her dissertation focused on design and analysis of automated warehouses by using analytical and simulation modelling.

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Dr Hendrik Reefke

Dr Hendrik Reefke has held academic positions in the UK, Germany, and New Zealand.  Prior to this he worked in the automotive sector with roles in Engineering and Procurement and in Project Management.  Hendrik is known for his capability in Warehousing, a specialised area characterised by complexities regarding design, equipment, operations, and managerial implications. 

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Oana Jinga

Oana is the CCO and a co-founder of BotsAndUs, a highly innovative service robotics and AI company based in Central London.  With a background in leading strategic partnerships at Google and developing innovative products at Telefonica, her career touched on various areas of the tech world, having found a sweet spot in designing, developing and bringing robots to the logistics industry to drive significant business value across all warehouse processes. She is very passionate about educating the world on the benefits and ethics of robotics as well as the importance of building unbiased AI.

Daniel Levan- Harris

Founder and CEO of Mango Logistics Group, which was founded in 2004 in the heart of London, providing end to end logistics solutions including warehousing, fulfilment and last mile delivery services as well as UK next day and international courier services. An entrepreneur with an inquisitive and creative mindset with a keen interest in innovation, sustainability, and creating opportunities for young people within the logistics industry. Daniel started life initially as a competitive high-performance sailor. Still very enjoys outdoor sports, snowboarding, mountain biking and still sails from time to time.

Herbert Ten Have

Herbert ten Have is an innovative business leader with more than three decades of experience in building high-tech products and services. In his career, he has held leadership positions, from Product and Marketing Manager to International Sales and Marketing Director. As a serial entrepreneur, Herbert has successfully founded and run several high-tech companies. He effortlessly rides the wave of inherent challenges that come with technology and loves sharing his expertise.Today, as CEO of Fizyr, Herbert is committed to building the best vision software product to enable Fizyr’s partners to provide cutting-edge robotic picking solutions for the logistics industry.

Watch a video interview with ten Have here!

Sebastian Steinhauser

Sebastian Steinhauser is the CEO and Founder of Parcelly, UK’s first omnichannel logistics tech start-up. Before starting his entrepreneurial career, Sebastian spent 7+ years in London’s City, gained experience in different strategic positions in Germany and France and holds a triple accreditation in International Management from ESCP Europe. Spearheading innovation, CSR, sustainability and thought leadership for the delivery logistics industry, Sebastian won the “Great British Service Industries Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2016 and was voted one of “Britain’s Most Successful Leaders” in 2020.

Watch a video interview with Steinhauser here!

You can register now here! If you are interested in taking part of the event email us on nick@thelogisticspoint.com

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