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‘The speed of the fulfilment process is a key component,’ begins Steph Davis, Director of Supply Chain at Vision Direct, the online retailer for eyewear during an exclusive video interview with The Logistics Point. Together with his colleague Javid Sandra, Senior Product Manager, Davis explains how Vision Direct improved its fulfilment processes, controlled its growth and continued to deliver good customer service.

When switching costs between retailers are low, it is incredibly important that inventory levels are kept high. ‘It is all about having the right information at the right time,’ comments Sandra, who was responsible for creating and implementing Vision Direct inhouse developed software solution.

Sandra explains the difference between startup companies which operate with smaller volumes and larger players. In the beginning, it is easier to keep everything under control but as operations become more complex, relying on people to monitor the systems is not efficient. In addition, organisations often have to employ hundreds of people whose only job would be to file in numbers.

Solving problems

For Sandra and Davis one of the challenges was around dealing with legacy systems that were no longer fit for the new reality of a fast growing online retailer. This meant that the software was developed in a way that would allow quick changes. ‘Business requirements change and we adapt in an agile way,’ Davis says.

Davis also advises on a few key areas supply chain managers should focus on. The ability to connect with suppliers is important. Automated emails, for example, notify suppliers when an item is not available.

Both also comment on how training is done when a new feature is introduced and what the future holds for the supply chain in 2022 and beyond. You can watch the full video interview with Steph Davis and Javid Sandra below now. ✷

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