Bexter and Cohelion make logistics chain more sustainable with TrackOnline Insights

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 Bexter, developer of the returnable asset platform TrackOnline, and data organization Cohelion are joining forces and launch TrackOnline Insights. This is a unique new reporting environment that provides insight into the availability, stocks, turnover rate and location of returnable assets such as containers, pallets, carts, bins, totes or trolleys. With TrackOnline Insights, manufacturers, logistics service providers and poolers gain detailed insight into their returnable assets. Use cases illustrate, that users are able to optimize their returnable asset management by more than 25% and thus organize the logistics chain more efficiently and sustainably.

Kevin Miedema, Technical Director at Bexter: “The pressure on logistics chains is enormous, partly due to increased demand, disrupted inventories and the shortage of raw materials. This makes the use of returnable assets increasingly important. In addition, from a sustainability perspective, more and more companies are demanding reusable load carriers. As a logistics organization, you can only respond to these developments with data that provides insight into load carrier management within logistics business processes. TrackOnline Insights provides this information at a detailed level. Based on this, organizations can make the right strategic decisions and predictions.”

Direct insight into trends and developments
The ready-to-use dashboards of TrackOnline Insights display the most important insights about returnable assets that are used on a daily basis to transport goods in a visual and user-friendly way. Sector-specific reports can also be produced that provide direct insight into trends and developments in returnable assets. This enables organizations to easily detect and anticipate regarding proper planning, renting and eliminate bottlenecks such as shortfalls.

Daan Boersma, Business Development Director at Cohelion: “Whereas Bexter has many years of expertise in the field of load carrier management, Cohelion specializes in analyzing data, using it to identify trends, and transforming raw data into relevant insights. This makes TrackOnline Insights a unique proposition that allows returnable assets to be deployed optimally and thus directly contributes to making the logistics chain more efficient and sustainable. Data on inbound and outbound movements can be accurately tracked in the TrackOnline Insights dashboards, as can the use and availability of load carriers at the customer level. This enables customers to work smarter .”

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