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‘Data is the fuel that can support micro-fulfilment centres,’ says Oana JInga, Co-founder of BotsAndUs for The Logistics Point. Jinga is joining us on the 8th March at 10 am GMT for the Micro-fulfilment & Warehousing online Conference. We spoke about the role of automation in the warehouse, what changes need to be made to adopt autonomous solutions and the work of BotsAndUs. You can watch the full video interview below.

There is a huge customers’ pressure on distribution networks to be faster and more efficient. Jinga believes that robots and autonomous solutions can provide much of what is needed to create better efficiency. She says, however, that companies need to be realistic and not fall into a futuristic trap. Current solutions on the market are not going to solve all problems a micro-fulfilment centre might face but would help with data gathering and analysing. 


Data gathering is one of the things that BotsandUs autonomous robots are good at. They can be stationed at key areas in the warehouse – both large fulfilment centres, as well as smaller, urban spaces. The bots can scan and feed systems with real-time virtual twins. 

Jinga says that more and more companies in the supply chain industry are looking into such solutions. There are a few key areas she believes would need to be addressed first before we see a large-scale adoption. One will be education and controlling expectations. In addition, she urges companies to be faster with adopting and trying out new technologies. ‘Until you actually see the solution, it is very hard to make a decision,’ Jinga comments.

Helping staffing

Warehouses globally take a lot of space and even more is needed. Labour, however, is not something that is easy to find. Jinga believes autonomous solutions will help companies without removing the need for people. In her opinion robots will work with people to achieve a common goal.

To learn more about the role of autonomous robots and robotics for micro-fulfilment and warehouse centres watch the full video with Oana JInga from BotsAndUs. Don’t miss our Micro-fulfilment event and register now.

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