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Sustainability is a hot topic in the logistics industry. Knowing how to approach this vital topic and what practical steps need to be taken, however, is not something to be taken lightly. We spoke with Britta Wyss Bisang, Global Sustainability Director at Schoeller Allibert about how the company has conducted its materiality assessment, the building of a circular economy, and the role of educating employees and candidates. Watch the full video interview below.

Bisang argues that one of the first things companies should do when building a sustainability strategy is to conduct a comprehensive materiality assessment to gain a holistic view of the landscape by consulting with stakeholders and benchmarking against peers, ESG ratings, sustainability frameworks and standards. With the materiality assessment complete, Schoeller Allibert laid the foundations for its sustainability strategy. It provides crucial insights and helps prioritize actions on those topics that have a critical impact on the company’s business, as well as on society and the environment, and helps to identify potential solutions.

In her wide-ranging interview with The Logistics Point, Bisang also looks at the importance of building a circular economy. Reusing materials and creating buy-back models is a key part of Schoeller Allibert’s global strategy.

Engaging with stakeholders

None of this would be possible if the company was unprepared for the change. Receiving a positive response from company executives is crucial. Bisang talks about the need for a complete culture change by including all stakeholders. Supply chains do not work in isolation and Bisang is adamant that all partners should be on board.

This includes employees as well as suppliers. Those who have a keen interest in sustainability can be the ones who drive the change. Bisang believes inaction will only lead to higher costs in future. In addition, clearly explaining sustainability goals to prospective employees would enable the company to hire candidates who are already culturally aligned.

You can watch the full video interview with Britta Wyss Bisang, Global Sustainability Director at Schoeller Allibert now and learn more about the work the company is doing and the insights they have uncovered along the way.

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