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Urban hubs are generating huge demand and are becoming a key topic in the logistics industry. There are a few reasons for that. One of them is the clear need to reach consumers faster and lower costs. The other is the fact that urban hubs can be operated with the help of more sustainable vehicles. Mike Best, Head of Logistics at British Land, too the digital stage of our Delivering Green: Creating Sustainable Supply Chains Online Event on the 16th May.

Mike was also part of our London Logistics Networking in May. You can read a bit more about what we spoke about here. Join us on the 28th November for an in-person look at the state of Last Mile & E-Com. We will be talking about:

Customer engagement & Logistics Responsibility

How are consumers engaging with logistics services and why does this matter. Let’s take a look at the role of logistics for retail’s operations, the continuation of the consumer journey, and more.

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Future Communities & Changing Infrastructure

How is the urban environment transforming and what role will logistics play in the city of the future. Let’s take a look at the way urban infrastructure is transforming and embracing greener and more sustainable logistics deliveries.

Better Last Mile Delivery

The last mile really matters but how can it be improved so consumers and retailers are both happy with the logistics service being provided. Let’s take a look at all the key ingredients for a successful last mile delivery and what stops organisations from achieving it.

E-com Excellence

The e-commerce market is still growing, maybe a bit slower than during the pandemic, but it still plays a large role in retail. So what do consumers want and what does a successful e-com strategy look like?

Taking on the task to find the best location for an urban fulfilment centre is something that takes time and needs to be executed carefully. Mike spoke about a comprehensive study on the subject, conducted by British Land which looked at the business cases, how such hubs can be operated and also what the impact on the local community will be. He also covered the importance of good communication with local authorities and stakeholders.

Key Takes

The first thing that urban hubs deliver is sustainability. ‘By switching from diesel vans to e-cargo bikes, we can reduce emissions by 90% per parcel,’ Mike explains. It is also estimated that cargo bikes are 1.6 times faster than the more traditional way of delivering parcels in cities.

Mileage is also being reduced by at least 20% according to the study that was produced by UCL and British Land.

Paddington Urban Hub

Mike focused on a Paddington location in London. The area is one of the busiest in London with one of the largest train stations in the capital.

The site is located under an office building, owned and managed by British Land. For Mike many of the urban hubs that will be part of cities, will fit these characteristics. They will be part of a larger development, mixed-use with good access to large roads and reliable cycle infrastructure.

One of the reasons is the limited options and availability of locations that can fit logistics operations.

Mike also took part in our London Logistics Networking Event on the 24th May. You can read more about our in-person event on page 34.

You can watch Mike’s full presentation below. ✷

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