RightHand Robotics™ Adds Vanderlande to Its Growing Partner Integrator Network

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RightHand Robotics, a leader in data-driven, autonomous robotic picking solutions for order fulfillment, announces today that Vanderlande, a global market leader for future-proof logistic process automation in the warehousing, airports, and parcel sectors, has partnered to deploy piece-picking robots to meet the demands of general merchandise warehouses and distribution centers on a global scale. In doing so, Vanderlande has added the RightHand Robotics award-winning RightPick™ item handling system to its Smart Item Robotics (SIR) portfolio of technologies, following the company’s strategy to accelerate the use of robotics in warehousing.  

“The market wants integrated robotics that work, so we’ve tested the world’s leading robot solutions,” says Terry Verkuijlen, Vanderlande’s Vice President Warehouse Solutions. “Our findings showed that RightHand Robotics’ use of gripper technology, vision systems and software algorithms is the best fit for automated general merchandise warehouses.”

After testing several of the world’s leading robot-picking solutions, Vanderlande ultimately selected the RightHand Robotics solutions for its best-in-class features and capabilities, and because they are successfully functioning in warehouses today. As labor shortages continue to increase, the partnership will benefit Vanderlande’s customers as advanced automated picking becomes ubiquitous in an ever-demanding order fulfillment climate.            

“We are pleased to be included with the Smart Item Robotics (SIR) portfolio of technologies,” said Leif Jentoft, CSO and Co-Founder at RightHand Robotics. “Warehouses are under increasing pressure to accelerate order fulfillment as ecommerce orders continue to rise. We look forward to helping Vanderlande meet the needs of customers worldwide and are honored to meet their standards for advanced automated picking.”

The collaboration is managed as part of the RightHand Robotics Partner Integrator program, the company’s flagship strategic partnership initiative that makes it easier for end customers to adopt the RightPick platform while still working with their preferred automation suppliers. The program was launched to align business goals of system integrators, OEM technology providers, certified robot integrator partners, and other related sales alliance members. The program offers strategic, commercial, and technical engagement such that companies can develop and build comprehensive solutions that are Powered by RightHand RoboticsTM RightPick piece-picking technology.

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