Beyond mapping – why traceability is essential for the future

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Legislative requirements are continuing to grow and there is mounting pressure from consumers who expect products that are safe, sustainable and responsibly sourced. Fashion retailers are trying to find the best way to navigate and respond to these ever growing challenges and obligations. Peter Needle, Founder and President of Segura joins Delivering Green: Creating Sustainable Supply Chains on the 24th May and will explain how a supply chain traceability technology is essential to addressing these issues and to making companies more ethical and sustainable. Register now!

You can ask Peter questions here and he will answer them during the live event online!

About Peter

Peter is the President & Founder of Segura Systems. His focus is on helping companies evaluate their supply chains and make them more ethical and sustainable. Segura is a SaaS platform that is quick and easy to set up and deploy, and can work with existing systems. Segura captures your entire global multi-tiered supply chain, allowing you to map and monitor with ease.

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