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Thomas Donslund, Chief Technology Officer at GateHouse Maritime joins Delivering Green: Creating Sustainable Supply Chains Online Event to share more data about how the maritime industry can reach its NetZero goals.

You can register here for free and learn more about ocean data and sustainability!

The supply chain and logistics industries are exploding right now while also being in the midst of a dramatic digital transformation. Unquestionable, disruptive environments caused by the pandemic of Corvid-19 and Russo-Ukrainian war are challenging supply chain and logistics industries. For example, while before the coronavirus pandemic, goods shipped between China and the U.S. via container ship took just over 40 days, hold-ups and delays have extended that time to upwards of 70 days. 

Data today is widely considered a differentiating key to competitiveness, to carriers, to operators, oceangoing cargos. But to what extent can data empower accountability to sustainability, help business crossing seas operate in most efficient manners, by proactive actions that are data-based. And how can advanced Ocean Data insights help the shipping industry and supply chain logistics on accountability and optimization in their race to NetZero. During the seminar, GateHouse Maritime will zoom in on the recently launched, next generation data platform, OceanIO, in view of those questions.

About Thomas Donslund

Thomas is an experienced and renowned leader of product development and management, with a laser focus on transforming data into workable solutions and valuable insights for customers through data analytics and machine learning. He works with building up innovation and structure through platforms and organizations. In the past he has worked as Vice President Products at BAE Systems and Vice President Digital Platforms and Ecosystems Danfoss in Denmark.

Thomas holds an M.Sc.E.E. from Aalborg University as well as an MBA. GateHouse Maritime has a long history compiling and working with maritime data to create services within the supply chain, surveillance, and asset protection industries.

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