BraForMe Transforms Order Fulfillment with Descartes Ecommerce WMS

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Descartes Systems Group, the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, announced that British online lingerie retailer BraForMe has transformed its formerly manual order fulfillment operations with Descartes’ cloud-based ecommerce warehouse management solution (WMS). The new solution allows BraForMe to scale its operations efficiently and support monthly growth rates that range between 20 and 70%.

“Success as a small, but rapidly growing, business requires a tight handle on cashflow. Descartes’ ecommerce WMS allows us to scale through highly variable demand, but maintain our profitability,” said Jackson Burton, Director and Co-Founder of BraForMe. “The solution has helped eliminate picking mistakes and our fast fulfillment capabilities have taken us to the top across our marketplaces. We could never have achieved this type of success with our previous manual ways of working!”

Part of Descartes’ ecommerce solution suite, the Descartes ecommerce WMS helps direct-to-consumer brands and ecommerce retailers drive significant efficiencies across order fulfillment processes to provide a remarkable customer experience. The solution helps ensure that retailers can ship on time, ship the right items, not oversell existing inventory, and have full transparency into warehouse operations. The solution is pre-integrated with major ecommerce platforms, like Channel Advisor, Shopify Plus, Magento and others, to accelerate implementation and time to value. Order information is automatically available to be executed via mobile driven multi-order pick-and-pack strategies and then fed into parcel shipment systems.

“We’re pleased to help BraForMe scale fulfillment operations while maintaining a lean operating model,” said Dirk Haschke, VP & General Manager, Ecommerce at Descartes. “Our ecommerce WMS helps marketplace vendors meet strict requirements for time-to-fulfill, shipment tracking and other performance metrics. BraForMe is an outstanding example of how a WMS is foundational for long-term growth for ecommerce businesses.”

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