Why Are Brands Going Green?

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From Leaders in Logistics 2022: Last Mile

Why are companies investing so heavily in sustainability? Is this just green washing or are they truly interested in delivering a better service that protects the environment? Answering those questions is not easy but many consumers feel that brands are not genuine when they talk about their green initiatives. Why is that and what can be done?

‘70% consumers think brands only commit to a cause to appear green,’ said Simon Batt, Chief Executive Officer Asendia UK, during Leaders in Logistics 2022: Last Mile. This means that organisations would need to better communicate not only what they are doing but why and how.

Connectivity and Openness

‘You need to ensure you are connected to your consumer,’ explained Nick Bond, Director Parcel Lockers bpost. Consumers demand visibility and adaptability. This also extends to the way they receive information. If you just send SMS/emails you are not going to make it as a responsive brand. You need to interact with your customer within an app. The innovation you need to seek, is to make sure you have contact with your customer via a mobile application.

How about convenience? According to Matthew Lawlor, Head of Delivery Design Royal Mail Group, convenience has several different dimensions. There is a segmentation within it. It is about giving choices to people. Some of them can be made before the posting takes place but also people want in-flight options so they can change their mind mid-delivery.

‘Another aspect of convenience is habit and it is very difficult to change,’ added Christian Østergaard Lead Visionary – Senior Group Strategist PostNord. ‘You have to be very certain and flexible in the way you are looking at it. We have seen people who purchase many things, wait to pick their order from a locker at the same time. This is blocking our lockers.’

We need to look into what also fits the company. Companies want to be cost and market leaders but also convenient.

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