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Tim Robison, CEO of Doddle at Leaders In Logistics: Last Mile 2022

‘What consumers expect and receive as a value proposition has not changed much over the last six years,’ said Tim Robinson during his presentation at Leaders in Logistics: Last Mile 2022 in London.

Robinson looked at how e-commerce is performing in the last years and how consumers’ habits are reshaping the sector. ‘Our industry is in a crisis now and we will see consumers’ spending drop in the next couple of years. If we do not drive a change, the pain will be very hard. Brands and reputations are under pressure because of the sustainability crisis,’ he concluded.

Too fast or too slow

Evolution was one of the main focuses of the presentation. On one side, business can’t afford to be too slow. Many had already been swept away by Amazon due to their unwillingness to go digital. At the same time, going too fast might not allow for sustainable growth. ‘With evolution the problem is doing it too fast. Same-day delivery businesses have gone too early and ultimately not made it through,’ Robinson went on saying.

According to the CEO of Doddle the retail evolution is not primarily driven from the top in the UK. Many merchants do not want to take the risk. Of course, there are those who can afford it and invest in pivoting. 

‘Logistics should lead sustainability because we have great reach, specifically operating in the ecommerce. E-com has data enmasse. If we know what is in the individual basket, why do we not tailor the logistics solution to them specifically?’

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