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Ah, the return! Who does not love them? Well, apart from consumers who are frustrated how slow it is and providers who struggle with costs, expectations and profitability.

It is not an easy task, we admit, but there are solutions out there that can help.  ‘When you go below the top tier retailers, all carriers have their own individual returns portal. The smaller retailers don’t have a portal at all and rely on phone calls,’ says Jack Sims from Doddle in an exclusive video interview. Jack is the keynote speaker at our Last Mile & E-Com Online Event on the 22nd November.

Things are challenging across the board. There are so many elements to consider: where do you put your last mile warehouse; how do you execute the delivery; who pays for the return; 

Returns are really the unwanted child of logistics and e-commerce.

And we will talk about: return logistics; quick commerce; storage and EVs deliveries, and more.

Bring the 3PLs

By extension 3PLs are the retailer and they should own the returns process,’ Jack continues. The benefits come on multiple levels. Firstly, 3PLs will get more acquisitions as consumers and retailers are happier, and then clients are less likely to switch to a competitor.

In his presentation on the 22nd November Jack will also cover the topic of costs and should returns be paid for. And much more.

So what are your thoughts on the returns problem? Can it be fixed? What will you do?

We hope to see you next Tuesday at 10am UK time to talk about the opportunities and challenges. You can get your free spot here.

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