ASOS Adopts justInduct System Solution By Nomagic

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Nomagic, an expert in Intelligent Robotics, has partnered with ASOS, the destination for fashion-loving 20-somethings, to provide new innovative services that will allow a wide range of products to be sorted, grouped and routed to packing stations at ASOS’ Eurohub distribution centre near Berlin.

The technology Nomagic has provided through its justInduct system integrates production-tested robotic hardware from globally renowned manufacturers and aims to address some of the unique logistical challenges facing much of the apparel and e-commerce industries.  

The system combines robotics, AI, remote monitoring and control, and has been specially designed for e-commerce and apparel companies. justInduct can also analyse any potential issues and learn from feedback, allowing for autonomous updates where applicable.  

The implementation follows a successful test of the system in ASOS’ Berlin warehouse at the end of last year, with Nomagic supplying four of its systems to Eurohub from the beginning of September this year. The justInduct systems are providing highly reliable and efficient distribution, ensuring ASOS can continue delivering for its customers. The partnership allows Nomagic to demonstrate its capabilities on a large scale.

Kacper Nowicki, CEO of Nomagic, said:

“Nomagic was created using robotics and AI to automate manual work. We focused on e-commerce and apparel warehouses as there is a business necessity for repetitive tasks to be performed 24 hours a day. Working with ASOS has been a great opportunity to showcase our capabilities and to support such operations on a large scale.”

Oliver Kraftsik, VP International Logistics EU and US at ASOS, said: 

“We send out more than 1.9 million orders a week across our global sites. We need to simultaneously react quickly to consumer trends and maintain a high throughput so our customers can access the fashion and style they want when they want. We partnered with Nomagic to support and help us deliver on that goal, to ensure we remain the global destination for fashion-loving 20-somethings.”

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