The Logistics Point December 2022

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Welcome to the December edition of The Logistics Point.

In this edition

VIDEO Lack of Technology Slows Down Investment in Logistics – Luke Tuttle, General Manager, North America and Trade Management Services, at MODIFI;

Accessing Agility and Resiliency in Supply Chain Operations – Claire Rychlewski, SVP EMEA, and Fraser Ironside, Director of Business Consulting at Kinaxis;

VIDEO Did the Autumn Statement Miss Growth Opportunities? – Marco Forgione, Director General at The Institute of Export & International Trade;

Events’ Calendar: Online & In-person Networking to Celebrate Logistics;

VIDEO Mix of Private & Public to Support EVs Growth in the North – Simon McGlone, Senior Major Roads Planning and Strategy Officer at TfN;

Maritime’s Industry-wide Data Revolution is Underway – Sarah Barrett, Product Insights at Wärtsilä Voyage;

A Look Back Into the Future – What Happened in 2022 & What 2023 Will Bring;

Intermodal Adopts Tech To Solve Headaches – Pervinder Johar, CEO of Blume Global;

VIDEO Electronics: A Supply Chain Like No Other – Erik Lund, Head of IoT Tracking Division, SONY Visilion;

VIDEO Look To The Best For Returns Success – Jack Sims, Business Development Manager, Doddle @ Last Mile & E-Com Online;

VIDEO Ultra-Urban Warehousing To Grow Despite Market Uncertainty – Robert Cohu, Montahu Evans; Tom Davies, Bloom Developments @ Last Mile & E-Com Online;

VIDEO How to Protect Consumers from Greenwashing – Paul Needler, iParcelBox and David Dawson, University of Hull @ Last Mile & E-Com Online;

VIDEO Q-Commerce Can Work But At What Price? – Daniel Levan-Harris from Mango Logistics Group and Pieter van den Hoven from StoreShippers @ Last Mile & E-Com Online;

VIDEO Retailers Between Fast & Sustainable Delivery – Mike Elton from FarEye @ Last Mile & E-Com Online;

VIDEO The 4 Pillars of a Successful E-Com Logistics – Jord Brethouwer at and Rayan Bannai at Squared @ Last Mile & E-Com Online;

VIDEO An SME’s Journey to a Government Supplier – Matt Whitaker and Martin George from Bis Henderson Space;

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