E-commerce Battles With Uncertainty But Last Mile Logistics Thrives

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E-commerce has seen growth in the last few years in a way many did not expect. But as consumers have gone back to the shops, would this continue in the future? The e-commerce market has to answer critical questions and retailers are turning to logistics for solutions.

We dedicated a whole morning to the Last Mile & E-Com Online Event to speak about all the problems the sector faces and most importantly the opportunities that lay ahead. Full session below with separate presentations.

Looking at Returns First

Yes, returns have become a challenge and have been one for many years. E-commerce is here to stay and the numbers show that growth will continue. Surprisingly returns are growing faster than online sales. This calls for the creation of a good and working returns’ strategy.

Jack Sims, Business Development Manager at Doddle, spoke about the old way 3PLs approached the problem and how they should transform. But very often it is hard to imagine what the first steps should be.

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Good Urban Warehousing

Occupiers are still looking for the ultra-urban warehousing for last mile operations. Such facilities, however, are in short supply.  Many of the buildings have either been demolished to make space for residential developments, or are just not upto a good standard. Despite that, multiple projects are underway that will transform the landscape.

Robert Cohu from Montagu Evans and Tom Davies from Bloom Developments looked at the market of urban warehousing in this 15 minute Fireside Chat.

Green But Not Really

Greenwashing is not something many organisations are ready to talk about. All companies are building an image that focuses on how well they protect the environment and the additional resources that are being invested. Paul Needler from iParcelBox and David Dawson from Univerisity of Hull shared an interesting tool the university has developed which helps consumers calculate their emissions based on individual orders and collection ways.

The Price Of Q-Commerce

Quick-Commerce has been expanding in recent years but latest developments have seen many companies scaling back. Is this the end of Q-commerce? Daniel Levan-Harris from Mango Logistics Group and Pieter van den Hoven from StoreShippers are both sceptical about the model currently employed by most Q-commerce companies. 

They took the stage for a 15 minute Fireside Chat to discuss the topic and how Q-commerce can work.

Fast Or Sustainable

Winning and retaining loyal e-commerce customers is one of the biggest problems retailers now face. Your ability to create seamless deliveries will become your competitive advantage if you have access to the right technology. Retailers are required to simplify the most complex aspects of delivery logistics to achieve best-in-class customer experiences at scale from order-to-door. Mike Elton from FarEye spoke about this and the post-purchase experience in his presentation.

Strategy To Match Operations

When you look at your strategy, you might fall victim to the misconception that it is something done just once every year. But for Jord Brethouwer at Bol.com and Rayan Bannai at Squared such a way of looking at it, means that companies are making themselves vulnerable to changes and risks. 

They closed the event with a 15 minute Fireside Chat on strategy and e-commerce.

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