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Consumers have changed and logistics is also changing the way it fulfil orders!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we are inviting you with a ONE DAY SPECIAL OFFER to our first In-person Networking Event!

You can redeem the special offer now and secure your place.

And what can you expect during the event?

Great, insightful presentations from leading supply chain experts, that are short but full of thought provoking content.

One of them is Parcelly, who will talk about how urban warehousing is transforming due to consumers attitudes and demand constantly evolving. You can watch an exclusive interview with Sebastian Stainhauser, CEO of Parcelly, here:

But this is not all! We are also welcoming Autostore, Hatat Solutions, SMR Architects and more.

And on the 7th March we are kicking in with a digital event with more focus on the warehousing market!

So get your ticket for 21st March in-person event now and let’s celebrate our love for logistics!

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