VJ Technology Launches Bespoke Modular Warehousing for Construction Sites

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VJ Technology, the market leader in manufacturing, distributing and testing fixings, fasteners and building consumables for the construction and infrastructure sector, has launched a unique, onsite procurement solution designed to reduce costs, improve cashflow and productivity, whilst limiting the impact of deliveries on the environment.

The secure by design VJ iStore® brings a warehouse to any construction site in bespoke modular shipping containers to act as vending machines, so fast-paced infrastructure projects can be fed a constant supply of their most used products that can be clicked and collected in a matter of minutes directly on-site at the point of need.

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Together with Evri, Descartes Systems Group, Zedify, and Backhouse Jones Solicitors.

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Products are available 24/7 which increases productivity significantly and are only paid for once they have been collected, positively impacting cashflow. It is replenished every 10 to 14 days as managed by the active stock control system resulting in an up to 70% reduction in carbon emissions previously caused by daily deliveries to site. Other benefits include: reduction in process cost; 24/7 access to products that are generally thought of last minute; reduced loss and theft from busy sites; no delivery delays; less issues with site restrictions for deliveries.

It’s the first of its kind in the UK and Europe (patent pending) taking inspiration from the Amazon Locker solution. Smaller solutions can also be deployed using a dedicated site room.

Andrew Mobbs, CEO at VJ Technology said: “These are challenging times for the sector and we are on a mission to de-risk the construction and infrastructure supply chain, playing our part to help projects finish on budget and on time. Everything we do revolves around how we can make things easier and better for the customer and The VJ iStore® is just another step in this journey and absolutely part of our long-term growth strategy.”

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