NetZero: Should Logistics Care?

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‘We are doing this because it is right and our clients have their own targets too,’ told us Nancy Hobhouse, Head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at Evri, in a recent interview. Nancy is joining us to on the 24th May for our London Logistics Networking to tell the story is EVRi’s ESG and NetZerojourney so far, its ambitious goals, and how they will be achieve.

But should you care about NetZero and ESG too?

‘We’re so used to justifying, minimising, and keeping the boundaries of what we observe and measure within office walls, we’re not looking at the greater issues that business has on our communities and environment,’ argues Irvin Newbitt, CEO Ecoveritas Limited.

Yes, you should!

That seems to be the answer for many reasons. One is that your clients will ask you to be more proactive. The other is regulations. New laws are being created to address NetZero and ESG all the time. Countries are taking upon themselves to put order in the chaos but many organisations are not staying idle.

How to ensure your ESG & NetZero goals are following the rules and all parties are happy?

‘With many customers, consumers and big corporations focusing on responsible business practices, more companies are having to assess their own impact on the environment, how they treat their employees, customers and the local community and governance aspects such as audits, internal controls and shareholder rights.’ says Emily Carpendale from Backhouse Jones Solicitors

Emily will join EVRi on the 24th May at our London Logistics Networking to discuss how ESG relates specifically to the logistics industry and what actions operators can take going forward to lead the way. She will focus on legal frameworks and how contracts should be designed to incorporate NetZero.

The New Generation

‘As Generation Z begin to enter the workforce and, as a result, become one of the most significant consumer groups, they are fundamentally altering the way that the economy works. This is reflected in the shifting expectations,’ says John Gillan, General Manager of Stuart UK.

Gen Z don’t just want you to tell them how green you are, they will ask to see the results. The most difficult hurdle for companies will be to take the leap and invest in more sustainable solutions. As consumer expectations shift, it is clear that businesses need to build a sustainable business model that is resilient in the face of climate change, rising inflation and the ever-growing cost of fuel.

So what are your thoughts? Share with us in the comments and we hope to see you on the 24th May at London Logistics Networking where we will continue the conversation on ESG, NetZero, fleet management, and more. You can meet Descartes Systems GroupZedifyEvri, and Backhouse Jones Solicitors.

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