The Logistics Point June 2023

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Logistics Point

In this edition

Page 6: Future Communities: How Logistics Engages on a Local Level
Page 12: Retail Embraces Digitisation with a Digital Sandwich
Page 17: VIDEO The Consumers’ Power of Choice: Engagement Leads To Greener Logistics
Page 19: VIDEO Benefits of Urban Hubs To Cut Pollution
Page 21: VIDEO The Role of ChatGPT in Logistics & Supply Chain
Page 23 VIDEO Plastic Can be Green? How Logistics Can Use it Better
Page 25 VIDEO Being Responsible for Your Own Waste
Page 27 VIDEO Mission Possible: Achieving ESG Goals Beyond Promises
Page 29: Warehousing Tech: Incremental Benefits are not Good Enough
Page 32: When Retails Changed! How Shops Have Embraced Uncertainty
Page 34: London Logistics Networking: Understanding the Drive Towards Sustainability

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