The London Light Freight Walking Trial

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The London Light Freight Walking Trial involves an E-Walker that is used by UPS to deliver parcels and
packages to businesses in the Fitzrovia area. A simple but a smart innovation that is changing how logistics is done in the heart of the British capital.

6 months of data has already been collected and shows that 8,819 parcels have been delivered by E-Walker. An in-depth look into this and other projects will be revealed on the 22nd May during Delivering Green: Breaking ESG Barriers in Logistics event by The Logistics Point.

Fiona Coull will take a look at how logistics takes on innovation and sustainable freight practices, as well as what projects are under way, their challenges and benefits. You can get a ticket for the event now and meet other inspiring logistics leaders.

And more from Logistics UK. Edward Jones, Head of Environmental Policy, will dive into the complexities of this transition, exploring the vital role of political consistency and the power of first movers in driving industry change. Through interactive discussions and real-world case studies, he’ll uncover the industry’s acceptance of the need for change and the hurdles it faces in generating long-term business plans amidst uncertainty.