The Logistics Point July 2023

Magazine Original Content

Page 6: VIDEO Exciting consumers about the final mile delivery
Page 11: Is retail blind about consumers’ wishes?
Page 14: VIDEO Procurement steps up ESG commitments
Page 18: Procurement embraces its role of change maker
Page 21: How UK manufacturers can improve supply chain operations in the face of extreme weather
Page 26: Reducing Scope 3 emissions: Taking the right steps
Page 29: The planning disruption taking over the supply chain
Page 33: How data is increasing delivery efficiency
Page 35: Cyber risks can’t be ignored because of fear
Page 38: Battery Electric Vehicles: The good, the bad and the dirty!
Page 40: Safety-as-a-service: Drivers adopt safety software
Page 42: Trade flow shifts create new global e-com opportunities
Page 44: The Logistics Point features 2023-2024

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