Kroger’s omnichannel strategy lifted performance during Covid

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Kroger is the largest supermarket chain in the US by revenue. The company underwent a three year transformation that was meant to unite all of its channels and present customers with a unified experience on any digital platform and in store. Jody Kalmbach, Group VP, Product Experience, shared how this omnichannel strategy helped Kroger during Covid at the Home Delivery digital conference.

During the last three years Kroger Co has been investing heavily in its digital transformation with the goal to accelerate the shift from purely brick-and-mortar to a more unified digital experience. The idea behind the plan was to bring together in store shopping, pickup delivery, and ship-to-home in one cohesive experience. Regardless of how you shop, it should feel the same’ says Jody Kalmbach, ‘so we can meet the consumers depending on where they are on any day.’

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