Delivering Green: Creating Sustainable Supply Chains

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Sustainability has been growing in importance for years. With the Covid-19 pandemic and the push to netzero logistics and supply chain professionals are looking into ways to lower the industry’s emissions. This is not going to be an easy task but a multitude of organisations are now taking on the challenge with innovative solutions. Join us on the 11th May to learn about green and sustainable supply chains! Register here!

To better understand the world of sustainability and how it fits in logistics and supply chain operations,  we at The Logistics Point invited some of the leaders in the sector to talk about the future. At ‘Delivering Green: Creating Sustainable Supply Chains’ you will be able to hear insightful analyses by top specialists. 

Niko Polvinen, CEO and Co-founder of the Finish technology company Logmore, will deliver the keynote speech. 

Logmore, who is the Premium Sponsor for the event, is known for its innovative QR code system that allows better visibility of each shipment. Recently the company secured a deal with DHL to monitor Covid-19 vaccines. Polvinen will share more about this achievement and how Logmore’s technology can help organisations reach their sustainability goals.

GEP, one of the leading procurement and supply chains organisations worldwide, is also joining us on the 11th May to talk about how sustainable procurement can serve as the leading force behind company transformation. GEP is one of our Silver Sponsors.

NewMotion, a Silver Sponsor, will look at how charging infrastructure is developing in the UK and Europe and what organisations can do to improve their access to sustainable energy.

Dronamics a technology startup working on a cargo drone, will talk about how sustainability can take over the skies. With their innovative cargo drone solution – The Black Swan, the company is about to start commercial operations between cargo airports in Europe.

Etrac Technologies, a last mile optimisation company, and their Marketing Manager Emily Henderson, are going to look at the final mile and the problems many companies do not know how to solve. You can read a piece from Emily Henderson here!

Luke Buchholtz, Global Logistics Practice Lead for the HDR Logistics Practice, will examine what it would take for the real estate to become fully sustainable and rely on electric vehicles completely.

Smart Freight Centre will deliver the closing session and look at how logistics can inset its emissions and reach its green targets.✷

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