Euromaster launches TPMS in partnership with Novacom

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As part of its ongoing commitment to enhancing truck driver safety, Euromaster has partnered with connected fleet management pioneer Novacom, to offer hauliers an on-the-road tyre pressure and temperature monitoring and alert system.

Novacom’s TPMS by Trailermatics is the latest addition to Euromaster’s range of services for transportation companies. It can be integrated into Euromaster’s MasterCARE preventive tyre management package, to ensure continuous preventive monitoring on the road plus a 24/7 breakdown service.

A complete telematics solution

To install Novacom’s TPMS solution, Euromaster fits pressure and temperature sensors on all the wheels of each truck and/or trailer, plus a GPS telecommunication and tracking unit to process the sensor data and deliver it in real time to the fleet manager’s dedicated online portal.

Each time a sensor detects a pressure or temperature anomaly, the information is sent immediately to the manager via the portal plus, if required, by SMS or email. The alert specifies which tyre is affected and its position on the axle in order to facilitate any intervention.

  • More generally, the system gives fleet managers all the information they need to make decisions that will ensure driver safety and avoid unexpected vehicle downtime, through:
  • Tracking of all road assets
  • Complete fleet tyre-pressure reports
  • A tyre monitoring system that is fully configurable (pressure and temperature alert thresholds, alert message address list, etc.).

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